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Online Banking FAQ

Your login ID is your new 6 digit Member number.

In order to get a password you would have had to fill out a customer security information form to obtain an internet password. If you have not done this you can contact the office on 0818 247 365 and we will post out a form to you or you can download the form here and post, fax or e-mail it to the office.

When you receive the Internet password you log in by using your new Member number in the log in box and the initial Internet password we have posted to you. When you enter in both you are then prompted to change it to your own personal Internet password please memorise as this will be your personal Internet password from then on when logging into your online account.Please remember your password is case sensitive so if you enter it in upper case you must do so from then on and visa versa for lower case.

Every time you log in you log in by using your new 6 digit member number and your own personal Internet password you have changed it to.

If you get blocked you will need to contact the office on 0818 247 365 and speak to one of our staff members.