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Budget Account Plan

calendarSt. Raphael’s offers our members a free Budget Account service, where members can use this account to pay bills and manage their finances.

Here’s how it works. You decide which regular bills you want to include in the budget plan. Next you estimate how much each bill will be over a twelve-month period and total all of them up. Next, add on a little extra to this amount, to cater for unexpectedly large bills. Divide the result by 52, and arrange to pay this amount each week into your budget account. If you use the Deductions at Source system, this simplifies the process even further.

You can now set up all of your bills on Direct Debit just provide the utility company with your budget account IBAN number and St. Raphael’s BIC code SRGCIE21.

Budget Application Form

Budget Planning Tool

You can also get your salary directly paid into this account and set up Direct Debits so that your payments are never missed.  Apply for a Budget Account [email protected] or print a Direct Debit Mandate.

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