Monthly Prize Draw

Prizes totalling €35,000 given away every month and 3 bumper draws every year! 

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26th October

In 2022 we gave away over

in cash prizes and tickets

Recent Winners

1st Winner – €20,000 – Ciara Lee, Tipperary

2nd Winner – €5,000 – Patrick Dunne, Meath

3rd Winner – €2,500 – Eamonn Lynch, Longford

4th Winner – €2,500 – Tomas Turley, Westmeath

5th Winner – €1,000 – Christopher D’Estelle Roe, Tipperary

6th Winner – €1,000 – Lorna Collins, Dublin

7th Winner – €1,000 – Michael Croke, Kildare

8th Winner – €1,000 – Mary Ryan, Dublin

9th Winner – €1,000 – Anthony Brady, Dublin

1st Winner – €20,000 – Wayne Donnelly, Dublin

2nd Winner – €5,000 – David Gee, Limerick

3rd Winner – €2,500 – Ross Foy, Offaly

4th Winner – €2,500 – Shane Travers, Galway

5th Winner – €1,000 – Cliff Singleton, Dublin

6th Winner – €1,000 – Lee Kelly, Roscommon

7th Winner – €1,000 – Andrew Doyle, Kildare

8th Winner – €1,000 – Noel Traynor, Dublin

9th Winner – €1,000 – Jackie O’Sullivan, Wexford 

Liam Grimes, Roscommon 

Celine Smyth, Meath 

Mary Gardiner, Kerry 

James Hogan, Offaly

Domhnall Lynch, Meath 

Laura Kavanagh, Wexford 

Paul Donnelly, Kildare

1st Winner€ 25,000Maureen Matthews,Dublin
2nd Winner€ 25,000Alan Davis,Meath
3rd Winner€ 25,000Paschal Meehan,Meath
4th Winner€ 20,000Mary Foley,Sligo
5th Winner€ 20,000Julie Marron,Dublin
6th Winner€ 20,000Geraldine Doherty,Galway
7th Winner€ 15,000Breege Mulcahy,Wexford
8th Winner€ 15,000James Garrett Horkan,Donegal
9th Winner€ 15,000Ciaran Curran,Tipperary
10th Winner€ 10,000Karen Proudfoot,Dublin
11th Winner€ 10,000Donal Maguire,Dublin
12th Winner€ 10,000Mark Shortt,Wicklow
13th Winner€ 5,000Clare Egan,Carlow
14th Winner€ 5,000Eugene McFarland,Donegal
15th Winner€ 5,000Aaron Mulvaney,Sligo
16th Winner€ 5,000Roseann Murray,Dublin
17th Winner€ 5,000Patrick McAvinue,Kildare
18th Winner€ 5,000Lynn Daly,Dublin
19th Winner€ 5,000Claire Slevin,Offaly
20th Winner€ 5,000Alan Murphy,Meath
21st Winner€ 5,000Katie Duggan,Wexford
22nd Winner€ 5,000Frances Heneghan,Sligo
23rd Winner€ 2,000Cormac O’Callaghan,Dublin
24th Winner€ 2,000Jason Lardner,Galway
25th Winner€ 2,000Orla McConnell,Waterford
26th Winner€ 2,000Edward Cormac Donoghue,Dublin
27th Winner€ 2,000Joan Meany,Cork
28th Winner€ 2,000Lawrence McCole,Dublin
29th Winner€ 2,000Peter McDonagh,Kildare
30th Winner€ 2,000Francis McGroder,Dublin
31st Winner€ 2,000David Kemp,Louth
32nd Winner€ 2,000Christopher Fahy,Galway
33rd Winner€ 2,000Clodagh Ryan,Limerick
34th Winner€ 2,000Thomas Bourke,Dublin
35th Winner€ 1,000Neil McManus,Donegal
36th Winner€ 1,000Thomas Horgan,Kildare
37th Winner€ 1,000Sean Farrell,Dublin
38th Winner€ 1,000Joseph Cannon,Wicklow
39th Winner€ 1,000Denis Mulligan,Wicklow
40th Winner€ 1,000Laura Duffy,Dublin
41st Winner€ 1,000Michael Hurson Snr,Longford
42nd Winner€ 1,000Patrick Davy,Galway
43rd Winner€ 1,000Tadgh O’Coileain,Kerry
44th Winner€ 1,000Maureen Derham,Dublin
45th Winner€ 1,000Judy Glennon,Kildare
46th Winner€ 1,000Paul McBride,Galway
47th Winner€ 1,000Ian Brunton,Dublin
48th Winner€ 1,000Conor Fields,Dublin
49th Winner€ 1,000Patrick McCallion,Dublin
50th Winner€ 1,000Edward Crellin,Cork

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On the last Thursday of every month, St. Raphael’s Garda Credit Union give away prizes totalling €35,000. We also have 3 bumper draws during Spring, Summer and Christmas with prizes totalling between €300,000 and €500,000! 

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