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Mobile Banking 365 Days a year

How to Register for Mobile banking

Register to receive your log in details. You'll also need to have the banking app on your smartphone.

Getting Started with Mobile Banking

Once you have received your activation code, you're ready to get started.

How to apply for a loan online

Applying for a loan online is quick and easy. No need for any printing or posting.

Logging in using your smartphone

Mobile banking on the go. Logging in on your smartphone is easy.

Logging in using your pC/laptop

You will need to have the banking app on your smartphone to log in on your PC/Laptop


Still haven't found the answer you're looking for? See a full list of online banking FAQs.

How to register for mobile banking

  • Complete the online application form by clicking here.
  • We’ll post an activation code to you.
  • In the meantime, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll need to this login once you’ve received your activation code.

Getting Started with mobile banking

When logging into online banking for the first time, you will need an activation code. This will be issued to you by post when you register for online banking. 

1. Download the App 

Download the new St. Raphael’s mobile banking app to your smartphone.

You’ll need this to log in on your phone, laptop, PC or tablet. 

2. Accept Notifications

  1. Open the app on your smartphone
  2. Click ‘Allow Notifications’. You will need notifications to login

3. Activate your Account

  1. Enter your member number – You will have received this by text or it can be found on your statements 
  2. Enter the activation code – You will have received this by post 
  3. Click ‘Validate Activation’

4. Set your new pin

  1. You’ll be promoted to enter a 4-digit PIN
  2. Choose a secure, memorable PIN. You’ll need this PIN for future logins and transactions 
  3. That’s it, you’re now activated and ready to use our mobile banking app!

Logging in using your smartphone

  • Open the St. Raphael’s Online Banking App on your smartphone.
  • If this is your first time logging into the app, please see Getting Started With Online Banking before continuing to the next step. 
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN (you created this when you activated your phone at registration) or use fingerprint/facial recognition if you are using a compatible phone. 
  • You are now logged into mobile banking.

Logging In using your PC/Laptop

Note: you will need to activate the mobile banking app on your smartphone before you can access online banking on your PC/Laptop/tablet. 

  • Visit
  • Enter your Member Number and click ‘sign in’.
  • A notification will be sent to your registered smartphone. Enter the 4-digit PIN that you created at registration or use fingerprint/facial recognition if you are using a compatible phone. 
  • You will now be logged in to online banking on your PC/Laptop
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Logging into online banking using your desktop or laptop.
(smartphone required)

How to Set up Fingerprint or Facial Recognition to login

If you have a biometric, such as fingerprint or facial recognition set up on your mobile device, you will automatically be able to login to online banking using either of these methods.  

Your fingerprint or facial recognition data is stored on your mobile device and is not stored within the St. Raphael’s online banking app. If you have biometrics activated on your phone but wish to switch if off for St. Raphael’s Online Banking, please adjust your permissions in your device settings. 

How to Upload Documents

1. Open the banking app and login

2. Press the menu option (3 lines at the top left corner)

3. Press Document upload 

4. Select Document Type from Dropdown 

(Loan Document, Other Document, Payslip, Proof of Address, Proof of ID)

5. Press Add Document and then press Choose File 

6. Press Upload 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Registration & Access

You’ll need to complete an online application form – more info here

Yes, you will need the mobile banking app on your smartphone to login to online banking on your phone, tablet or PC. 

You will need a new activation code. If possible, contact us in advance to have your activation code ready for when you receive your new phone. You will not be blocked out of the app on your current/old phone until you’ve activated the new code.

You can request a new activation code here.

You’ll need to register a new smartphone to access Online Banking. Please phone 0818 247 365 to get your new activation code or request one online here

Call 0818 247 365 and we’ll provide you with a new activation code. You can then reset your PIN to a code of your choosing.

Yes, you’ll need your phone to login securely to online banking. Download the St. Raphael’s mobile banking app from the App store or Play store. 

No, only one phone can be linked to an account at a time for security reasons. 

If you’re not receiving the push notification for login, check that:

– The app has been installed and activated on your app.

– You have a strong signal or internet connection

– Notifications from St. Raphael’s Mobile Banking app are turned on.


To adjust notification settings, go to your phone settings and locate the St Raphael’s Mobil Banking App in your App manager. Click allow under ‘notifications’.


Go to Settings > Notifications > St Raphael’s > Allow Notifications

Online Banking is available to every member of St. Raphael’s Garda Credit Union over the age of 18 excluding clubs and societies. 

Using your smartphone, visit the App Store (Apple phone) or the Google Play Store (Android phone) and search for St Raphael’s Online Banking App

Yes, however you can only have your account linked to one phone or tablet. 

Yes, once you have the app registered on your phone, you can log into online banking on any computer. You’ll need to have your smartphone beside you to log in.

Account Information

Share Account

Payment Account

Budget Account

Loan Account

Each of your accounts has a different IBAN. To view your IBAN for a specific account, login to online banking and click on the appropriate account. Your IBAN will be visible on the top of your screen under the account name.

Your ‘Available Funds’ show the actual amount that you can transfer/withdraw from your account.

Example: If your balance is €1,000 but you are waiting for a cheque to the value of €300 to clear, your Available Funds will be €700. 

Please note that shares which are pledged against a loan are included with Available Funds and may not be available for withdrawal. 

Payments & Transfers

€10,000 per business day. 

If you’d like to transfer a higher amount, please phone 0818 247 365.

  • From Main Menu, go to Pay & Transfer
  • Click on Manage Payees 
  • Click on Set up new payee
  • Click on Another member account
  • Enter the 8 digit account number
  • Press Save

Online Loan Applications

Log in to online banking, click ‘Online Loan Applications’ on the navy menu bar and click ‘new application’.

No – if you have a previously unfinished loan application, you must cancel the application before they can apply for a new one.

Online loans applications are available for single accounts only. Please phone our offices to apply for a joint loan.

Mortgages are not available via online banking. You can apply via our website by Clicking Here

You should choose a repayment frequency that matches your wages frequency. E.g. A Garda who gets paid weekly should select ‘weekly’ as their repayment frequency.

  1. Open the banking app and login 
  2. Press the menu option (3 lines top left corner) 
  3. Press Document Upload
  4. Select Type from dropdown (Loan document, Other document, Payslip, Proof of Address, Proof of ID)
  5. Choose relevant file type – Options may very per device
  6. Press upload – You will receive a message ‘Your transaction completed successfully’

No, it must be the same or greater than the current amount.

If you need to upload additional documents, you can do so by clicking on ‘Document Upload’ on the main menu.