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Share Accounts

Every member of the credit union holds a special share account.

Special Share Account: On payment of a dividend DIRT is automatically deducted. Once DIRT has been deducted the member has no further tax liability on his/her dividend.


Dividend are usually declared at the Annual General Meeting of the Credit Union (0.25% dividend was declared for year ended 30th September 2017).

Free Insurance

At no extra charge to our members, we have arranged free insurance both for shares (savings) and loans. In the case of shares the maximum amount covered is €12,700. These benefits are payable upon death of the credit union member.* Terms and conditions apply.

Here’s how the share cover works:
For Every €1 saved in the following age brackets you will benefit as follows:

Age Rate of Cover for funds lodged
Up to 55 100%
55 to 60 75%
60 to 65 50%
65 to 70 25%
Over 70 0%

*Withdrawal of savings by members after the age of 55 may affect the amount of Life Savings benefit. This will occur if a member withdraws savings and brings their savings balance below what they held at the age of 55

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