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Loan Arrears

In St Raphaels, we understand that your financial circumstances can change over time, and, on occasions, you may need to amend your repayment arrangements or need support where difficulties arise, including sickness or injury.
If you find yourself in this situation, just get in touch with the team here, who will be happy to help you and discuss with you how best to manage the problem.

This could be where you have a missed a payment(s) already, for whatever reason, or in some cases before missing a payment (Pre-arrears).

Our goal is to help you meet your repayment commitments and maintain a positive credit rating.

Mortgage Arrears

Your mortgage relates to your family home, and there are implications for you and for us if repayments fall into arrears, so prioritisation of action is very important. Our Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) document sets out how we work together to resolve difficulties.

Early action and contact with us is really important irrespective of the problem being experienced – generally the best results and outcomes are achieved by taking early action.

There are solutions for every situation, which can be matched to each member’s personal circumstances – our commitment to you is we will work positively and constructively with you to help you deal with whatever difficulty you are experiencing.

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Central Credit Register (CCR): A history of arrears can affect your ability to access credit in future – loan details are recorded on the CCR under the Credit Reporting Act.