St raphael's
Virtual AGM

Wednesday, 6th December 2023 at 7.30pm


Members wishing to attend the virtual AGM via zoom need to register in advance.

Registration is now closed. The closing date for registration was 5pm on Thursday, 30th November 2023. 

In the days leading up to the AGM, you will receive an invitation to attend with a link that allows you to not only attend remotely but also exercise your right to vote at the AGM. You cannot share this link with anyone else and you are solely responsible for the security and safekeeping of your invitational link. 

Each unique link is applicable to one member on one device only. 

We are giving members the opportunity to ask questions to the Board of Directors in advance of the meeting, if you would like to ask any questions please submit by Wednesday 5th December at 5pm email to


How do I join the virtual AGM?

You will need to register by filling out the registration form above or emailing with your name, address, and member number.

Once you have been verified, you will be sent a unique link a few days before the AGM which will allow you to attend virtually using Zoom. 

What happens when I register?

Once you have registered or sent your details by email, we will verify your eligibility to attend and issue you with emails including:

  • a unique Zoom link to attend the AGM
  • the minutes of last year’s AGM, which we would like you to read in advance of the meeting, and a candidate profile of those who are up for election at the AGM.

Do I need to create a Zoom account?

No, simply click on the link in your email and it will open the virtual AGM on your computer tablet or phone. It may take a couple of minutes to gain access. 

Loading Zoom to your PC, Laptop or Tablet is not required. 

Do I need to download software to attend the remote AGM?

No, you can download the Zoom App if you wish but this is not a requirement.

Can I share my link with another member?

No, the link is unique to each eligible member and can only be used by one person on a single device. Therefore. the link should not be shared.

I share the same email address with another person, we are both members, can we both use the one email address to register?

 No, each member must have their own email address to be able to register, attend and vote. 

Can I log in several times using multiple devices?

No. The link is unique per member and works only on a ‘one click’ basis. 

If the link is forwarded to another member it will not work for them. 

Can I use my phone to join the virtual AGM?

Yes, you can use any smartphone to view and participate in the AGM once you have the link. If you do not have a smartphone, you can “dial in” to the webinar using a traditional phone. This will be audio-only.

Please note that you will not be able to participate in the voting/polling during the remote AGM if you are using a traditional non-smartphone. You will need a computer/smartphone to be able to vote. 

I don’t have access to 3G/4G, or I have poor broadband. What should I do?

You can join the webinar by audio, but functionality is limited. The numbers to dial will be available in the email with the details on how to join the AGM.

How do I vote?

A poll will appear on your screen, click on your answer and press submit. The poll will close after a set time and the result will be shared with all attendees in due course.