Have you tried our Budget Planner?

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It’s important to plan for the year ahead, especially when it comes to your finances and bills.

One way to easily manage your monthly outgoings is to open a budget account with your credit union. St. Raphael’s provides all of our members with a Budget Account free of charge.

How do Budget Accounts work?

A budget account spreads the cost of your bills evenly over the space of a year. Using the online budget planner, you can easily calculate how much your bills and expenses will be over a 12 month period. You then pay a fixed amount every month to cover the cost of all of your bills. So you don’t need to remember when to pay bills, arrange payment or about unexpectedly high bills.

What are the benefits of a budget account?

  • No unexpectedly large bills
  • Always pay your bills on time – no late fees
  • Free for all members
  • Reduces time spent paying individual bills

How to get started:

  1. Choose which bills you want to include in the budget plan.
  2. Using the budget calculator, estimate how much each bill will be over the twelve-month period.
  3. Add a 5% contingency to allow for emergencies or bill increases.
  4. Depending on whether how you want to add funds to your account, set up salary deductions or direct debit using the application form.
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